Prestezog Photo Gallery

Two Men in Dapper Suits Smiling at the Camera
October 2018 Masquerade Ball
Woman with Gold Halo and Stuffed Octopus
October 2017 Masquerade Ball
Fight Me
November 2016 Masquerade Ball
Out of focus couple reading The Hobbit
October 2015 Masquerade Ball
Tiny person trapped inside alarm clock
October 2014 Masquerade Ball
Masked woman in red dress, masked man in black suit with red tie
October 2013 Masquerade Ball
Woman with veil and fan, Man with dragon mask and spear
September 2012 Masquerade Ball
Clones with pink ties
October 2011 Masquerade Ball
Ballgown Trio
December 2010 Dickens Fair
October 2010 Masquerade Ball
Creation Remix
November 2009 Masquerade Ball
September 2009 PEERS Ball
June 2009 ABL Party
October 2008 Masquerade Ball
Stick Figures
June 2008 ABL Party
Poor Yorick
November 2007 Masquerade Ball
June 2007 ABL Party
Harlequin Chrysa
November 2006 Masquerade Ball
Bellydance Chiara
June 2006 Hafla Durga Bellydance Event
2006 Chinese New Year Party
February 2006 Chinese New Year Party
2005 Masquerade Ball
October 2005 Masquerade Ball
ABL Party and Wedding 2005
June 2005 ABL Party and Wedding
November 2004 Thanksgiving at the Mountain View Cemetery
Masquerade Ball
November 2004 Masquerade Ball
October 2004 Anna's Halloween Costumes
Mt Conness
September 2004 Mt. Conness
Seattle Trip
August 2004 Visiting Chiara
June 2004 5th Annual ABL Housewarming Party
Texas Visit
May 2004 Texas Visit and Fishing
Dave's Birthday
April 2004 Dave's Birthday Party
Tday 03
November 2003 Thanksgiving near Monterey
Donner Party
February 2003 Donner Party
November 2002 Disneyland
October 2002 Gaskell Ball
October 2002 Party for Treasa and John